Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ronald McDonald House

Madison had her first field trip of the year today, to the Ronald McDonald house. It was a quick field trip, but they got to see where families of sick children can stay for free while their kids are in the hospital. I wouldn't classify this as one of the most "fun" field trips ever, but I think it was good for the kids to see and remember that sometimes life is very hard for people and there are many ways we can serve. Madison is doing a great job of getting settled into school at OCS. She is so shy and quiet though. It's hard for my Momma's heart to watch her be by herself, while all of the other little girls are grouped together. I want to fix it, but I just pray that God will help her to make the friends He has for her. She seems happy, and I definitely think it bothers me more than it does her, so I'm thankful for that. Madison has made a friend named Adalee, but she wasn't there on the day of the field trip. 
We are still just taking it a day at a time, and trusting that God is at work, even though it's hard in the process. I'm so glad I got to meet them at the Ronald McDonald house...Brian had a test run early on this morning, so I was able to do that with him, get him settled back at the house, and then drive back to the city for Madi's field trip. I love this little snaggle-toothed girl so much!!
Here is Mrs. Parsons class...
The kids were fascinated by the juke box!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sweet Dreams, Honey Bunny!

Because it would just be cruel of me not to share this laugh with you joke, he is sound asleep and I am trying to control my laughter so I don't wake him up! Sweet dreams, my love! 
Let's just face has been heavy for us lately and there's been a lot to cry and be sad about. But then there are moments like this, when laughter is such good medicine! (I am still laughing!) I guess my computer screen was too bright, so he took it upon himself to find one of the girls' sleeping masks. Sure do love this man...and I REALLY wish we could figure out what is wrong with him and get him better. It's so hard for me to watch my normally strong, healthy husband feel miserable all of the time. God, please  help us! 

First Mug Shot

Well, it happened...Brian's past sin of stealing candy from a convenience store when he was a kid have come back to haunt him and have been passed down to the next generation...except it wasn't candy, it was a ninja turtle stuffed animal! LOL! (The laughing came quietly from me, after the spankin' was given.) #hedidreturnit #wewereonourwaytochurch #hewassorry #likefatherlikeson #mugshot 
We stopped for donuts on our way to church, and it turned into quite an adventure! First of all, taking the kids into a convenience store is NOT a fun thing to do...they all three ask for 15 things, at the same time, and I can't even THINK straight. We were going in for BREAKFAST...and Madison and Jonah both found stuffed animals and started begging for them. We told them NO about 5 times, paid for our donuts, and headed back to the van. Apparently Jonah decided he was going to have the ninja turtle stuffed animal, regardless of the fact that we said no. When Brian reached down to put him in his seat, there he was, ninja turtle in hand. (duh-duh-duhhhh) Brian marched him back into OnCue to return the ninja turtle, and then gave him a spankin' before putting him in the van. My first thought, honestly, was "well, maybe it was an accident...he surely didn't understand that he was STEALING it." Maybe that's just a mothers heart, thinking her precious little boy could never be a thief? But then Jonah just kept wailing "But I wanted it!" over and over after his spankin'. So yeah, I think he knew what he was doing when he took it. We are all born little sinners, right?!
Another funny part of this story is that he got this little camo Bible in Sunday School, and has been "reading" it nonstop since Sunday. This was his first (and hopefully ONLY) mug shot! This is a story we will always remember! 
The next morning...
"Look Mommy! I'm reading my Bible!" (upside down)

Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall, Family & Fire: 3 Things I Love

We got to spend some time with family at the lake during Fall Break. It was especially fun, because Danny and Amy were here from Colorado and the kids had such a great time together! The guys built a fire down by the water, and we spent most of the afternoon/evening out there. Minus me almost breaking my fingers in the fold up chair I was sitting in, it was a pretty perfect day. (OUCH!)
Jonah absolutely adores Cole!
Bridgette has discovered the best place to be at dinner...right under Jonah and Olivia!
How cute are they?! 
This was too funny...Bailey kept closing her eyes when I would snap the picture! 
Sweet Memories...

Friday, August 26, 2016

Howdy Day

A week after school started, OCS had "Howdy Day," where the kids all dress up in western wear and welcome the new kids. Both of the girls looked so cute! Madison wasn't feeling well at all this morning, but I think it was mostly just nerves. So far, every single morning when she gets close to school, she has complained that her tummy hurts. Some of that is just from riding in the car for so long, and some of it is that I'm sure she is nervous. It's so hard being "new," especially when you are as quiet and shy as she is. Brian and I went to school for their assemblies, and it was fun to watch them interacting with their classmates already. The new kids from each grade went up onto the stage and said into the microphone, "Howdy, I'm Mackenzie!" and everyone would say back "Howdy, Mackenzie!" Madison was VERY nervous about having to do this, but she did a great job! Mackenzie hopped up there like it was no big deal at all! This was a fun, sweet "welcome" to OCS and we are hopeful that it's going to be a grear year.
Mackenzie with her new friend, Kristen, and with her friends Brooke and Ava. I knew she would make friends quickly!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wonder Woman? Ha!

I am NOT Wonder Woman. But life has demanded that I step up to the plate and rise to the challenges we have faced lately. (I got this shirt for Jonah's superhero birthday party, not because I think of myself as Wonder Woman, I promise!) It has been really difficult at times, but I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was, and I CAN do hard things. I am ready for this roller coaster ride to slow down...after all, I HATE roller coasters! For now, with God as my helper, I am just doing what I can do to make it through one day at a time and make sure my kids and husband are loved and taken care of. Some days are okay...and others are really hard...I will be glad when I can say "today was great!" but we are so not there right now. I'm tired of trying to play the role of "Wonder Woman"...I'm ready for my "Iron Man" to be back in business! I am trying to keep a sense of humor in the midst of it all! Here is a recent FB post I did.
10 Thoughts From My Morning:::
1. Oklahoma City traffic is HORRIBLE. 2. I forgot how much I love country music. 3. Having to pry my sobbing 7 year old off of me at the door of her classroom this morning was utterly heartbreaking. 4. Friday is a long way off. 5. Willy Wonka is still one of my favorite movies but he's just a little creepy. 6. Doctors don't always have all the answers. 7. Hot chocolate chip cookies & Diet Coke from McDonalds is therapeutic. 8. Sure wish I was at Disney World today. 9. I am really, really blessed and thankful for the good days and the hard ones too. 10. I should really go exercise or something...but #7 is higher on the list, so I'll stick with that for today. 
Wow! It's not even 9 AM... It's going to be a productive day, I can tell!