Monday, September 15, 2014


So I have started back to Xfit...yea!! Said no one ever...
What can I say? The summer was hard and I gained a few pounds. Nothing major, but I need to get back in shape. I know I will feel better physically and mentally if I do. I can't say that I missed going to Xfit, but I have missed the feeling and satisfaction I got out of doing it. I send Brian texts almost every day when I finish my's text was "Haaaatttteeeee" and Brian's response was "Just get one of these..." with the above picture attached.
If only that would work...
Another day was...
Me - "Did I ever say that I hate Xfit? Miserable. Absolutely miserable. My clothes better fit better after that crap."
Brian - "lol! I'll be sad when I don't get any more funny text messages when you're super Xfit buff."
Me - "That will never happen."
Brian - "Oh yes it will! Eye of the tiger, bird!"

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mack's Monet Exhibit Field Trip

We were only about 3 weeks into school and Mackenzie already had a field trip to the Philbrook Museum to see the Monet art exhibit. They normally wouldn't schedule a field trip so early in the year, but this was a special exhibit that is only there for a limited time. After looking around the museum, the kids were each given a clipboard, paper and pencil and had to draw a picture of something they saw in the garden area of the museum. I love getting to go on field trips with my kids!
I didn't realize at the beginning that we weren't supposed to take pictures in the Monet exhibit!
This is The Shepherdess painting.
Mackenzie looks absolutely bored to tears!
Mackenzie, Ellie, Natalie & Preslee

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mackenzie's First Day of 2nd Grade

Today was Mackenzie's first day of 2nd grade. I have felt so overwhelmingly blessed and thankful all day, because this is a day that we didn't think would happen for us at Regent. Only by the grace of God and the generosity and obedience of a sweet Christian family, did it come to pass. We were handed the gift of education for our girls this year and to say we are humbled and thankful is an absolute understatement. As I pulled out of the parking lot after taking Mackenzie into her classroom, I just cried because my heart was so full!
Apparently it has become my ritual to remember to make the "first day of school sign" at 10:00 the night before school starts!
Mackenzie has Mrs. Martin for 2nd grade and we are so excited about that! We have heard wonderful things about her! She is the first teacher we have had at Regent who doesn't go to our church. As crazy as the summer was and as much as I looked forward to being in our new home, it seemed to fly by so quickly. Now that school is starting, I almost wish it wouldn't have gone by so fast. I can honestly say that I am not at all ready for this every day routine to begin...but, ready or we go!
I got up at 6:30 so I would have plenty of time...I had Mack's clothes laid out and everything ready to go...I even made scrambled eggs for breakfast (which I was so proud about!) and we even left the house at 7:45, but still we were late. I totally underestimated the traffic and time it would take to get to school on Memorial. Apparently it was worse than normal, for which I was so relieved to hear. I might go crazy if I had to do that every day! I was seriously beating on my steering wheel and praying out loud, "God PLEASE let this light turn green and make these people MOVE!" Okay, okay...I MAY have been a little impatient and stressed! I did calm down and took a deep breath and prayed for Mackenzie also, that she would have a good, fun first day at school. Madison made sure to remind me not to close my eyes while I prayed since I was driving!
Mackenzie said a few times while getting ready and driving to school that she was nervous, but we talked about Joshua 1:9 and not being afraid because God is always with us, and she did just fine!  When we finally made our way into the classroom we were the last to arrive, but I was so relieved to see that there were many other families still there. After taking a few pic's, taking a peek in Mackenzie's desk, and saying a happy goodbye with no tears this year (YEA!) we made a quick exit. 
We are praying that Mackenzie is going to have a wonderful 2nd grade year at Regent! She is so smart and eager to learn. So funny and full of life!
I was SO disappointed that Mackenzie's backpack that we ordered from Pottery Barn didn't make it in time for the first day of school. It was supposed to be here a week ago, but it was delayed. It actually came this afternoon, so she will have it tomorrow, but still...big time bummer! We borrowed this cute backpack from the Easterwood's and Mack didn't seem to mind too much.
Putting her backpack and water bottle up...
Mrs. Martin
Madison will have her 1st day of E3 next Wednesday!
No better way to start the day than with the Bible and notes from Momma & Daddy!
And this is when we made our departure...Jonah was not happy about the shoes Daddy put him in!
Twelve 2nd Graders Ready to Learn!!!