Saturday, August 1, 2015

Uncle Clint's 30th Surprise Party

We went to Edmond for Uncle Clint's 30th surprise birthday party Saturday. I think he was genuinely surprised! The girls put these party hats on like this and declared that they were like funny! We picked Grandma Shaw up and took her with us & we had to make a pit stop to Brian a shirt to wear at Old Navy. We should have communicated better...he was wearing an old t-shirt that did not pass the test! =0) He did get a good-lookin' new shirt out of the deal though, so it was all good! I can't believe my little brother is turning 30...that makes me feel really old! Abigail and her mom did an awesome job planning the party, and G-Ma's chocolate sheet cakes were delish!
Poppa Jim was loving this!
Jonah's expression is's like, "Why are you touching me?!"
Carver was looking so handsome in his new shark shirt G-Ma got him!
Grandma Shaw had fun swinging with the kids while we waited on Uncle Clint to get there.
Had to throw these in...we were pretty cute kids!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hammin' It Up in the Hammock

Because this is what summer is all about...
The girls took turns swinging in the hammock with me one evening and it was just the sweetest time. We laughed, talked, and took selfies, which they really love doing these days!
I love them to the moon and back...
Oh my goodness...I look like a horse...but I love this picture because of Madison's smile. She thought this was so funny!

Back to G-Ma's House!

On Wednesday, after Mackenzie got done with camp, the kids and I drove to Newcastle to spend a few days with G-Ma. Brian was driving back from the Sr. Trip in Colorado on Thursday, and then he came to Newcastle on Friday to join us, so he could go to my brother's surprise party Saturday. Poor guy got a little crazy on the alpine slide at Winter Park and burned off a huge portion of skin on his left arm. It hurts me just to think about it! He's pretty banged up on several other parts of his body too. Hopefully he heals quickly. (He did ask what the speed record was, and set his timer to beat it...just sayin'.) Rex and G-Ma got the slide put on the treehouse and the kids absolutely loved going down it over and over. G-Ma was already back at school, so we went up and had lunch with her on Thursday. On Friday, I went and got my nails done after Brian got there, and I LOVE them! I haven't had nails on since well before Mackenzie was born...over 10 years. We met Jamie, Thomas and Taylor at Mazzio's for lunch and then Taylor came back to the house to play with the girls. Poppa & Louise, Grandma Shaw, Rex, Uncle John, Jimmy, Sara, and Jake all came for dinner Friday night...steak fingers, Brian's favorite! I'm so glad we had this one more quick trip to Newcastle before school starts.
G-Ma and Rex are planning to put a rail of some sort around the slide, so the kids can't fall off. Eventually there will also be a fire pole and a zip line here.
Jonah found this little flashlight at G-Ma's and was completely fascinated by it.
Oh, it hurts me to look at it! I told Brian I knew he loved me, without having to engrave a heart on his elbow!
My pretty new nails!
It's been a long time since we've gotten to hang out with Taylor.
There's not much better than playing in a treehouse in your ninja turtle pj's!